Tshirt – The Way To Tell Who You Are

T-Shirt can communicate our differences to the world for us. And with this simple act of truth, I realized that these differences – they stopped being our shame. They became our expressions, expressions of our very unique identities. And we should express ourselves, wear what we want. What’s the worst that could happen?

It’s easy to see why t-shirts have become so popular. In the age of athleisure, comfort is king and formal clothes are becoming less and less common. There’s hardly a more comfortable garment than a well-fitted t-shirt, which is neither too tight nor too loose, without scratchy labels or irritating collars.

They’re also the most versatile of clothes. Some will only wear tees for activities which demand no fashion—sport, sleeping, lounging around at home. But t-shirts are also an opportunity to show your interests to the world around you, whether you’re buying one or designing a custom t-shirt for your business, brand, event or group. If you show others what your favourite brand or movie is, you might find some new friends with something in common come and introduce themselves.

But just because they’re comfy and versatile, it doesn’t mean t-shirts can’t be fashionable. A solid-colour tee is a classier look, especially paired with smart trousers and shoes, while colour-blocking with complimentary garments can make for a striking effect. You can put a tee under an open shirt for a relaxed formality, or tuck it under a jumper for a bit of extra warmth.

There are plenty of joys to be found in the t-shirt, but that’s only if you can get one to fit right, which can be harder than it sounds. That’s where we come in, so check out our handy guide to the perfect fit.

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