Top 5 outstanding events that will transform the global fashion scene in 2020

The global fashion industry has undergone many innovations in bringing diverse aesthetic values to the grave. Although the year 2020 has many changes because of the pandemic, it is also a year that marks many notable milestones for the fashion district.

Top 5 outstanding Fashion events in 2020!

Harry Styles changed men’s fashion standards with a new set of photos

Perhaps, the image of the pop singer Harry Styles – the first male artist to appear alone on the famous Vogue cover – dressed in the December issue of the magazine has made many fans excited. It is known that this is not the first time a former member of the legendary One Direction group has favored female outfits.

At a number of events and awards ceremonies, Harry Styles used to attract press lenses with his unique fashion style by combining items such as lavaliere shirts, Mary Janes shoes … extremely personal.

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Sharing about his “unusual” fashion style, he confided: “What women wear or what is only for men, for me it is not really a difficult question to answer. When I see a really beautiful shirt, at the same time I also receive comments that “it’s female”. I don’t think that makes me stop liking it either. Once you feel comfortable with yourself, everything becomes easier ”.

Designer Kenzo Takada died at the age of 81

2020 is the year the world will experience many losses. The fashion industry too, the sudden departure of complications from COVID-19 by designer Kenzo Takada has left a lot of regret for the global fashion industry.

His designs are not only directed towards the aesthetic spirit to honor the sexy beauty of the woman, but also the perfect intersection between fashion and art. In particular, he is also the pioneer designer to bring inspiration about colorful and textured Asian culture into his charming Western designs.

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The world’s largest luxury group LVMH acquires the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co

Immediately after the LVMH group suddenly withdrew from the acquisition of Tiffany & Co because of the possibility that the United States would impose strong taxes on French products, the American jewelry brand filed a lawsuit against this luxury group. However, after two trials, LVMH decided to buy back Tiffany & Co at a price lower than the starting price of 400 million USD. This is also the largest acquisition in the luxury industry so far.

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Although the purchase price is reduced by 400 million USD, but Mr. Roger Farah – president of Tiffany & Co – said that this deal is still “extremely good” for a jewelry brand. Besides, Mr. Bernard Arnault – CEO of LVMH – also said: “We all believe in the limitless potential of the Tiffany & Co brand and believe that LVMH is the most suitable home for the brand and the craftsmen. next time”.

Designer Kim Jones is co-Art Director at Fendi

After the “fashion village witch” Karl Lagerfeld died in February 2019, the Italian fashion house Fendi has yet to find a face of designer who can replace him as Art Director. After more than a year, Fendi finally named designer Kim Jones for the creative lead position for Haute Couture, Ready-to-wear and luxury fur collections at this fashion house.

In parallel, Kim Jones continues to hold the position of Art Director of Dior Men in Paris.

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If in 2017, Kim Jones surprised the entire fashion industry with a daring handshake between a high-end fashion brand Louis Vuitton and the popular streetwear brand Supreme, the men’s fashion collections led by Kim Jones, who works through the fashion seasons for Dior Men, has a modern futuristic spirit combined with superior tailoring techniques inherited from the men’s tailoring line and also the Haute Couture of women at a French fashion house. Designers as well as the charismatic world must take their hats off to admire the glamorous beauty of art and fashion.

Nhìn lại 12 sự kiện nổi bật làm xoay chuyển nền thời trang toàn cầu trong năm 2020-6

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