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  • The net worth of 50 million according to Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt Google, let’s say he has that invested and could take out 4% a year (very simple calculation, I know real estate and shit goes into net worth), that’s 2 million a year before any endorsement money and his current contract. 166k a month, so yeah, it’s literally nothing to him. It’s the equivalent of someone making 40,000$ spending 25 bucks on something. And that’s not even a Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt fair comparison because those 25 dollars are probably worth more to the 40k guy than the 1250 dollars to JJ (because of cost of living and stuff). Again, that’s just based on what he could live off of the rest of his life if he wanted to, not even his salary. Somewhere in Africa, they’ll Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt talk about Patrick Mahomes overcoming adversity by winning the Superbowl after a stinging defeat, and doing so over perennial failure Tom Brady.
  • Would Brady still be Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt considered the GOAT if he went 3-7 in the Superbowl going 19-0 in one of those seasons? People would yell eternally over if 10 Super Bowls + a perfect season count against Joe Montana winning 4. It’d probably become more of an argument simply due to that, regardless of if it “should” be. God the idea of teams pre-emptively making victory shirts for regular-season games as they do in the Superbowl and then Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt shipping those off to Africa every week is making me cry. the clerk at the liquor store near Arrowhead broke the Chiefs-Mahomes contract extension, so I could see some paranoia around a t-shirt order. Everyone here has the wrong take. He had to see if he looked good in the team colors. That’s why he picked ARI. He knows he looks good in red. This sounds very much like his off-season training at a cabin in the middle of nowhere…an $800k cabin two miles from a Starbucks. Never forget that Henry David Thoreau stayed in a Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt cabin at Walden Pond for 2 years, but his mom regularly came over to do his laundry, and he was probably annoyed at the sound of the nearby Boston commuter train and the picnickers who frequently visited the woods in the summer.

Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt, Long-Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

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  • Yeah, he could have Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt just… not bought the shirts? There are loads of Excited Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt ways he could have announced it without jumping through those hoops if he was really concerned. Totally not an unfounded fear. When the Jets came back to Winnipeg the logo was leaked by the person that delivered the fucking boxes of merch! He’s already a great dude for all he does for his community. Don’t know why he has to Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt be such an attention whore otherwise though.JJ Watt thinks people care more than they do. I would gauge the public’s interest in his destination as — mildly interested. Nobody was trying to hack his mail to figure out his next team. J.J. Watt really enjoys being the center of attention. Good for him and his Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt bank account. I wish him nothing but the best but he ain’t the most dominant defensive player of the 2010s anymore. Those days are over. I think we’re overestimating what he can actually do for the Cardinals especially considering how many resources they spent on him. Yep.
  • I like the Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt dude, and we could use DE, but I’m so glad the Lions didn’t get tied up in overpaying for him. Why are people so upset over this??? Like yeah, it’s a bit corny and self-obsessed, but it’s not malicious and it’s not really that over the top. The dude announced his FA destination with an Instagram picture. It’s not that serious. We need some huge show about which team will pay you millions to get hurt. The whole world is full of Positive Cats Paw Heart 2021 Shirt narcissists. It’s still getting shipped to his house. If someone knows your address but they see some random name on a package sent to your address, I think they’ll figure out that it’s actually for you. Are the random packaging facility employees going to recognize J.J. Watt’s address? Hell even if they did would they care, he’s really just an above-average free agent at this point. Not a guarantee they’d know. But still a chance.

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