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Specification: Nice I Tool 19 A Shot Back Off Shirt


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  • Trump and a Nice I Tool 19 A Shot Back Off Shirt Mitch ran up a 2 trillion deficit before Rona hit. What a farce. Yeah, it’s like the Republicans can’t even fathom a tax for the rich as a way to pay for this deficit. Good, forbid they will be a little less rich. The Republicans are always worried about deficits when Democrats are in office. Yeah, but African American unemployment was at an all-time low, so we can never criticize the Trump admin for anything ever. Love it when they throw that one out there. Like they ever gave even one, let alone two, about black employment. Especially since Obama cut black unemployment in half.
  • And Trump just Nice I Tool 19 A Shot Back Off Shirt kept the economic trend going for a few years before taking the country into a pre-covid recession. Love how they claim to have lifted millions out of poverty by getting them off food stamps by kicking them off food stamps. They care about black employment in private prisons. Well yeah, haven’t you heard? Trump did more for black people than any other president in history. I hope it’s obvious but just in case. Their unemployment is low but they better not kneel or tell me their lives matter. Like when Trump took credit for the year there were zero airline fatalities, as though he has anything to do with that.

 Nice I Tool 19 A Shot Back Off Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt and Hoodie

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Tank Top

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  • I don’t want a Nice I Tool 19 A Shot Back Off Shirts you to feel like I’m shooting you down here but you’re leaving out a lot of black people from the discourse by calling them African Americans. A large number of black Americans are not African, just something to consider. Loosening Food Stamps rules would have been the FIRST measure I would think of as a response to the pandemic. Nooo. It has to be harder. There is no money. Thank you, this always bothers me. Just because someone’s black, does not mean they are African American. A lot surprisingly don’t understand this. The sad thing is the Tea Party won the propaganda war.
  • When Obama was in office. If Biden wins, hopefully, there is a strong contingent of liberals that push back against the deficit nonsense extra hard. At literally every turn these people need to be exposed and reminded of their hypocrisy. The Debt ceiling is one big political middle finger for free brownie points. And the Nice I Tool 19 A Shot Back Off Shirt Dems suddenly care about it when a Rep is in office. They have no credibility on the issue anymore. They’re trying to go to the well one too many times, IMO. It won’t work. Dems need to learn how to tell them to go themselves. Dems also need to learn how to tell their own party to go themselves. Let’s have the same basic human rights policies every other country has for Christ’s sake. They shouldn’t Nice I Tool 19 A Shot Back Off Shirt have any credibility, but they absolutely won the propaganda war during the Obama years on the issue. Democrats, liberals, and progressives need to push back 10x harder if Biden wins against whatever tea party type movement emerges this time around. Americans only deserve human rights if they can afford them. Definitely, leftists with which I self-identify are all too busy.

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