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  • If you look at a Hot The 6 Throne Is Mine Luffy Shirt economic data between countries with ultra lockdowns versus the US, we fared better. I mean it sorta seems like it picked your poison. Either could’ve been much worse. There’s only so much you can do to minimize the struggle during a global pandemic. Maybe it has coulda been better but it definitely coulda been a lot worse. They gave out trillions of dollars without oversight (by literally firing the guy in charge of oversight). They discouraged masks against all medical research and recommendations. It’s hard to imagine a much worse response.
  • The US has Hot The 6 Throne Is Mine Luffy Shirt less than 5% of the world’s population and ~20% of the COVID cases. That’s not good by any measure. As a non-American, why is this not on local governments just as much? I am not against shutting down. I actually agree they should’ve shut down more, especially in states with higher death tolls. But shutting the whole country down would be like shutting whole Europe down. Which wasn’t the case actually. Every country shut down own their own and got back on its own. This deserves more votes. Take my 99-percenter gold. Lol, that’s the best. Aaaaand that’s enough Reddit for me.

Hot The 6 Throne Is Mine Luffy Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt and Hoodie

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  • Good night! Thit is a Hot The 6 Throne Is Mine Luffy Shirts what it is. It reminded me of JUSTIFIED ” if you run into an asshole in the morning, you just ran into an asshole in the morning, if you ran into assholes the entire day, you’re the asshole”. Except nobody broke into your house and shitted on the floor. It’s a virus. A natural phenomenon. You’re implying that China somehow did this on purpose, which is complete bullshit. Yes, the local authorities are Wuhan tried to cover it up, but don’t try to tell me that the exact same thing wouldn’t have happened in the United States. As an American, I feel like I’m a passenger on a sailing ship whose masts have all snapped off in a storm and we’re just careening around. You can turn the wheel but nothing happens. And don’t forget what China did to successfully controlled it. Why is western media and people so afraid to admit that? Somehow we told ourselves “Nah there’s NO WAY what happened to Italy could EVER happen here”. The total excess deaths or covid deaths (whichever you prefer to read).
  • So are now around 50% of the total US WW2 deaths. If we assume the USA had 0 casualties in WW2 until after.Back in March, we were Hot The 6 Throne Is Mine Luffy Shirt about 3 weeks behind South Korea, Italy, and Iran. We could/should have taken similar actions with a 3-week advantage, but no, American exceptionalism has made us the corona joke of the world. I saw it as a football game. We had 3-4 weeks worth of opponent film we could have watched and made our game plan from. Instead, we Hot The 6 Throne Is Mine Luffy Shirt did nearly nothing, and what we did do we fucked up on a grand scale. The complete fuck up on testing really screwed us over. Lack of preparedness on PPE and on a national message was not far behind. So maybe they don’t break in but just can’t hold it and shit on the floor as an accident. That’s why I’m saying, this ain’t a perfect analogy. Quite good, but not perfect. There’s still shit all over. If someone, even a close friend, came into your house and accidentally shit on the floor, through no fault of their own. Still their fault. The rolling around in shit and telling everyone that you didn’t, still your fault. You seem Hot The 6 Throne Is Mine Luffy Shirt to be caught up with the question of who shit who… while there’s shit everywhere. The White House is a literal plague ship and notice how its no longer the China virus now.
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