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  • That would be a Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Shirt good first step but you shouldn’t just think the jobs over after you get that win and go to sleep. I can’t think of any historical reason to show why but it seems like a bad idea. To not vote is to tacitly endorse the status quo. If you want reform, support ranked-choice or approval voting. But since neither of those will be implemented in the next 30 days … These are the choices we have. To me, one candidate actively inciting violence and threatening democracy itself is a deal-breaker. Apparently, it isn’t for you. You’d rather endorse the status quo, and the status quo today is Trump.
  • There are about 330 Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Shirt million people I can vote for to be President. Please tell me how these are the only options. Because ^ renders every other party worthless. The EC does so even more. A third party vote is only mathematically important as a half-vote to the winner of the EC. Ranked-choice and approval overcome this problem, and would allow a real multiparty system. But as I said, election reform isn’t gonna happen within 30 days, so this is how it is. Oh yeah. We should kick the guy who murdered 200000 Americans out for the guy who was the architect of modern for-profit prisons which have destroyed the black community.

Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt and Hoodie

Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Hoodie - Design by Tshirtdir.com


Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Sweater - Design by Tshirtdir.com


Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Tank Top - Design by Tshirtdir.com

Tank Top

Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 V-neck - Design by Tshirtdir.com


  • Sounds like that’s a Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Shirts good thing and not just a slightly less bad thing. Thanks for the stupidest thing I read this week. F this noise. Some like Biden seem to care. Some who refer to science and defer to healthcare experts, seem far smarter than our current clique. After 6+ months, you found a gotcha moment. From the first month when ignorance was the law of the land. Smart people learn from their mistakes. When has the G*P? This side constantly attacks and denies science. Your whole argument is that Trump should have acted sooner than March.
  • That’s from February 24th. My Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Shirt argument is that T dog did little to nothing useful from February – October. You’re straw-manning me. Most of us understand mistakes happen. But 6+ months of minimizing and denying isn’t a mistake; it’s a bad person attitude. I mean here it’s pick your poison. They care cause they’re gonna lose votes whether they help the economy and it kills people or if they don’t and we go into a great depression and let the jobless go hungry. This is a global pandemic. It’s going to up guaranteed. All we can do is try to find the right balance and hope to minimize the struggle. Yeah, I lost all hope once my friends told me my vote is for trump if Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Shirt I vote for anyone but Biden when that is inherently false. My hope goes toward rebuilding. This is not rebuilding. Yeah, I think I might vote 3rd party too, and yeah it’s not very thoughtful when people immediately reject. Other points of view acting like there’s no merit to them and everything binary like you’re either with them or against them. I have friends and family on all sides of the political spectrum that do that and it doesn’t seem very Happy The Joker Batman On Behance 16 Shirt wise.
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