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  • If we can’t a Great Drink 35 Beer American Shirt abide by simple health protocols, maybe we deserve a lockdown. I do not want a lockdown. But it is getting to the point, in my community, that one may be necessary. Two people I know died this week. Yeah, they were a little older. Both were in their sixties. But other than that, neither of them had other know co-morbidities. Medical science should not be a partisan issue. Neither should compassion. I really don’t understand this ‘no lockdown at any cost’ attitude. Do what is required in order to protect your population. I get the idea of having the freedom to do what you want.
  • But I can’t see how that extends to having the freedom to kill other people, and that’s what this is. Not social distancing and no masks are spreading the infection beyond Great Drink 35 Beer American Shirt yourself, thereby killing more people. How is that justifiable on any level? I’d amend that to say Republicans. I’m a Conservative and my conversations with fellow Conservatives have led me to believe that it’s Republicans, not ACTUAL conservatives who have been brainwashed. The rest of us still have our wits about us. I really wish people would stop conflating Conservatives with Republicans, we are no longer the same.

Great Drink 35 Beer American Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt and Hoodie

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Tank Top

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  • The Great Drink 35 Beer American Shirts Republican party has been doing, and I believe most of these non-brainwashed people are conservatives. Conservative mindsets typically fall within what the Republicans stand for, and hence the connection between the two. But real conservatives I feel are able to have critical thinking skills for themselves. And for that, I thank you and those like you. Because even though we may not have the same views on certain topics, at least with common sense. Ability to communicate, and cooperate we can help to come up with solutions to problems.
  • Everything can be solved with a combination of conservative thoughts and ideas, and liberal thoughts and ideas, and everything in between. Nothing should just be a black and white cut Great Drink 35 Beer American Shirt and dry. Things in life are all shades of grey, and only through cooperation and compromising can we help fix and better this nation. That’s what real Americans do. Work together to build a better country. So I applaud you and thank you for what you do I think it comes down to the anti-government sentiment in conservative states (not exactly a bad thing). IMO if they use the same language they used for wars and patriotism people would buy-in. But masks, covid cases, and all became less of a Great Drink 35 Beer American Shirt scientific issue and a political tool for the election which probably fed things up. I wouldn’t necessarily connect lower death rates with lower ICU occupancy. Lower death rates could be because people are going to the hospital sooner. Because of more Great Drink 35 Beer American Shirt education about the virus. And could actually have severe cases that they survive because they went in early. But still, require ICU space. In this model, lower death rates could actually indicate higher ICU occupancy (deaths actually open up ICU beds. Because most people with covid die in the ICU, and not at home). Basically, they are too stupid to realize the crap they vote in causes the high cost of living and lack of (good) jobs. Instead, they blame businesses, big corporations, and the ‘1percent’ for why they must Great Drink 35 Beer American Shirt move to a state with a lower cost of living.

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